Shen Mantra Trainer

 Thai Yoga Massage, Clinical Reflexology, Holistic Body Massage, Pilates

Johannesburg, South Africa


Anju is an internationally accredited wellness practitioner with over 10 years of experience in holistic massage, auricular therapy, therapeutic reflexology and meridian therapy. She completed a comprehensive BASI Pilates teacher training course in 2011 and has combined her love of bodywork with a holistic approach to health and fitness.  She was immediately drawn to Thai Yoga Massage by its unique amalgamation of mind, body and spirit and the potential of its healing qualities - “It is an absolute culmination of inner truth-centred qualities where time and space merge two bodies while they share a unique synergy during the span of the treatment.”


"I am massively in love with Eastern philosophies, it has gifted me with so much understanding during my time on this planet. It has given me understanding and a sense of belonging, allowing me to channel my inner weirdo and turn my fears and weaknesses into strength and reason. Therefore I am eternally grateful and would love to share it with all.”


 "Feeling is my forte... I often battle with the calculated part of life..." This is exactly what makes Anju such a special practitioner in her field. Instead of only using book-based knowledge, she gravitates toward her intuitive gift to speak through energy with touch and sense.