Facial Herbal Compress Massage
Facial Herbal Compress Massage

Treatment Philosophy


This treatment is based on Asian practises and traditional Thai body work, the use of natural herbs and ingredients are common practise in Asian cultures and have been used for beautifying and medicinal purposes for centuries.  A well-known symbol of Asian philosophy is the circle of yin and yang, the belief that the mind body and spirit are a whole and must be in balance to create maximum well being.  The face more so than any other part of the body is a great reflection on what is going on with the body as a whole.


When massaging with herbal compresses, the heat will relieve a deeper level of muscular tension, the oil will condition and hydrate the skin and the herbs will help to balance any disruptions in the skin.  The herbs will benefit different skin types in different ways and the use of the heated compresses on the body will induce a deep state of relaxation and relieve muscle tension enhancing the holistic as well as medicinal effects of this treatment.



Course Dates & Fees:


  • Cost: £100/ R2000
  • Dates: Please contact us should you be interested