Healing with Ancient & Contemporary Therapies

Shen Spa Consultancy
Shen Spa Consultancy

Francesca Canzano-Franklin, Founder of Shen Mantra & Philosophia Botanica natural skincare range has over a decade experience in the Training & Treatment Development area within the Spa & Wellness Industry, having worked for and with a wide variety of Spas, including Five Star Spas, Resort Spas & Day Spas, in the UK, Thailand and South Africa.


Viang Ping Spa, Thailand
Sanctuary Spa Group  UK
Six Senses Spa, South East Asia
Spa Mantra, Thailand


Francesca brings together authentic ancient healing traditions with contemporary therapies to nurture your being in every way, providing holistic and rejuvenating Spa treatments to heal and restore, guided by the fundamental pillars of Traditional Chinese & Thai Medicine.

We offer bespoke training in a diverse range of holistic therapies, therapeutic body treatments, restorative massages & nurturing body treatments and we have been the pioneers of the Herbal Compresses treatments in both the U.K. and South Africa. 

Some of our Holistic & Therapeutic Spa Signature Treatments include:

Thai Herbal Compress Body & Face Signature ~ Philosophia Botanica Jade Roller Facial ~ Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques with Guasha, Cupping, Dry Needling ~ Thai Detoxing Abdominal Treatments ~ Tok Sen Body Signature ~ Traditional Asian Foot Massage ~ Thai Yoga Massage ~ Herbal Compress Therapy ~  Meridian Line & Pressure Points techniques ~ Deep Tissue techniques ~ Hands Free techniques & massage ~ Lymphatic Drainage ~ Hot & Cold Stone Therapy ~ Philosophia Botanica Facial Mapping ~ Philosophia Botanica Royal Africa Rituals.


Currently based between London and Cape Town, Francesca and her Team are available for Spa Training development, be-spoke treatments and consultancy.