Our shop was founded on a promise to provide our customers with only the very best of products and with the concept of being simply natural. By this simple reason, everything we offer is made from the highest grade of ingredients and care so that we can guarantee the quality of our products.


We personally select the best holistic tools to assist you along your path and have brought together a unique range of premium products to enable you to enhance your Well-Being.


Our store experience is truly unique and designed to be comfortable and inspirational. In essence, our shoppers are treated to a wellness and holistic  retail concept and approach different to anything currently available.

Our specialised product development team source products from both local and international suppliers, stocking a unique product range.

We offer 100% natural and Eco-friendly products ranging from Facial Serums, Desert salts Detoxing Mustard Bath, Detoxing Oils, Thai Herbal Compresses for Face & Body, and more!

We are also concerned about Earth care. Thus, all of our product lines do NOT contain animal ingredients nor are tested for or by Shen Mantra.