Shen Mantra offers internationally accredited courses  in Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga Therapy, Thai Massage Advanced techniques, Table Thai, Thai Chair Massage, Tok Sen, TCM workshops, as well as private one-to-one teaching sessions, Spa Training Consultancy and International Retreats. 


We offer Thai Yoga Massage courses from London, Cape Town, Johannesburg.





Learn Thai Yoga Massage through one of the most in-depth international training programs. 


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Ancient Thai Massage is a unique form of Yoga Therapy and bodywork that incorporates Hata Yoga, Reflexology, meridian work and Acupressure. It starts with a blessing and ends with a back-bend...






Join us for a transformational 10 days! Learn Thai Massage through the most in-depth training program in South Africa.




This unique and complete Yoga therapy combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting, deep stretching and meditation. We offer training from Cape Town, and Johannesburg on request for a minimum of six therapists.






Interested in training with us? Location and time not suitable? Join us on! Don't miss this incredible opportunity to complete our traditional Thai Yoga Massage Course + Advanced Training in an intense style training Join us in Thailand summer 2024!




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Movement As Medicine. Our bodies are designed to move, as our physical structure itself “faces forward” in the direction of our feet, our trunk, even our eyes and nose. Physical movement is an integral part of active daily living. However, movement itself is so much more than just the time given to an exercise. It is what our body is doing when we tell a story in excitement, moving our hands to emphasize highlights; it is when our body moves toward a friend to give a hug and share tears or laughter; it is when our body goes through the movements of getting dressed, eating a meal, going to the shops and the countless other miniscule activities that support a “normal day.”


The trap that society and social media set is the perception that the only movement that counts, and the only movement that ‘needs fuel,’ is one that involves a specific exercise, a certain amount of sweat, a physical challenge that pushes the body to a never-satisfied next level. And an eating disorder can focus all its energy on striving to meet this never-satisfied goal or doing everything it can to avoid it out of fear of failure or judgment.


Movement is meant to sustain life, not check off a performance list. Movement is possible through the support given by the physical body in the action itself nourished by the nutrition which fuels every muscle and cell involved. Nutrition also supports the movements not seen by the external eye, such as the mind-blowing circulatory system in which our blood travels a certain internal distance. Therefore, nutrition is not only our body and mind medicine but also the behind-the-scenes support of every external and internal movement our body makes. Move, breathe, eat a rainbow, busk in the sun, stretch, laugh, move again, and above all, inhale avocados and exhale negativity!



Gratitude to Tammy Beasley for her teachings and inspiring knowledge.