Shen - The Spirit Of Fire


Shen is the seed Mantra ''I am'' - The initiatory spark of human self-awareness


'Shen is the name given to the most Yang of the 5 Elements. These Elements personifies the fiery spark of conscious awareness.


During our life, the Shen is said to reside in the empty centre of our heart from where it guides us along our path through life. Although invisible, the Shen's presence is reflected in the light that shines from the eyes of a healthy human being. In the presence of healthy Shen, there is a luster and brightness to the disposition, a feeling of connection and awareness.


Most of all, the presence of healthy Shen results in a life that is uniquely suited to the individual and a person whose actions make sense within the context of surrounding environment.

(Five Spirits: Alchemical Acupuncture)