INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED: 

                                                                                                IICT (International)



This dynamic and creative course has been designed to stimulate and broaden the understanding and application of Deep Tissue techniques, combining body assessment, trigger points therapy, Thai Yoga Massage passive stretches as well as how to get to the root cause of imbalance and pain. 


The principles of Deep Tissue Massage are taught, together with a wide variety of strokes to build confidence and enhance a greater sensitivity of touch.


This course teaches therapists how to effectively and safely apply deeper strokes incorporating our unique blend of deep tissue techniques, trigger points, Thai Massage passive stretches and the eastern principle of using your own body weight.


Therapists will be able to demonstrate massage manipulations of effleurage, compression, friction, vibration etc. on the appropriate tissues of the body.


Learn to tailor-make your massage and take your skills to the next level! We offer highly professional, practical, hands on and down to earth teaching methods.


Deep Tissue Massage aims to address long term muscular issues, break down adhesive build up, reduce postural dysfunction and pain. Through expanding the Therapist tool kit, they will be better equipped to make a significant difference to their clientele, helping to build a sound reputation and solid client base.  


Therapists will learn how to fully exploit the various angles of approach to deal with clients muscular problems, setting them apart from the rest of the field by utilizing side lying and 3/4 leg positions to access areas all to often left unaddressed, yet so important in the maintaining and reaching peak performance and function.


Various strategies will be discussed to help understand why a client continues to present with the same symptoms, despite previous treatments. How to formulate a plan and how to get to the root cause of imbalance and pain.


How to lengthen and shorten muscles

Muscle Injury

Trigger Points of the back and gluteal region

Stretch receptors

Palpatory Techniques

Passive Movements

Positional Release

Use of forearms, elbows and knees

Passive movements & assisted stretches ( Thai Style)

Benefits/ Contra-indications/Contra-actions of deep tissue massage

Hands-Free Techniques

Aftercare advice

General Health, Safety & Hygiene Guidelines

Postural Assessment (Only available for the Two Days Course)

Neuromuscular techniques (Only available for the Two Days Course)



This one day course offers in-depth insight into how to support women through pregnancy and beyond. We will review in great detail specific conditions, including high-risk pregnancies, and the implication of massage.


Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life that creates significant physiological, structural, and psychological changes. Understanding these changes will help you, the massage therapist, to determine the outcome of your treatment. It will give you the confidence and guidance to apply appropriate therapeutic massage to your pregnant client.


During the course you will study the application of massage for pregnant women, the appropriate techniques and style of application suitable for each trimester and you will gain a greater insight into the complex body and system changes happening through pregnancy, labour and postnatal. You will learn the physiology of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery as well as the skills and appropriate bodywork techniques necessary to massage your clients competently from their first trimester through labor. You will learn how to adapt your treatment plans to suit the individual needs of your clients, through massage, gentle breathe as well as passive and assisted Thai Massage stretching, carefully selected to assist during pregnancy. 


Hands-on work includes full body prenatal massage in 4 different ways: side-lying without turning the client; side-lying turning the client to her opposite side; side-lying turning client supine; in a seated position.


Appropriate draping ,practitioner body mechanics and hand-saving techniques  are d discussed and demonstrated. Special attention is paid to high risk pregnancies and treating the most common discomforts of pregnancy (i.e. lower back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.) The contraindications and precautions of prenatal massage are discussed in detail.


This one day course is open to all massage and beauty professionals, advanced massage therapy students, childbirth educators, midwives, labor support coaches and doulas. Please note that a professional massage qualification is a prerequisite to this course.


A student handbook is distributed and an accredited certificate is provided at the satisfactory completion of the course








ENTRY LEVEL: Pre-requisite Anatomy & Physiology, and Full Body Massage (ITEC, VTCT, BTEC, CIDESCO and CIBTAC or a similar qualification)

Minimum age for enrollment is 18



Deep Tissue Massage Course London.



LOCATION: North London, U.K. (Muswell Hill/Crouch End)



TIME-TABLE: 9.30- 4.30/5.30

TRAINERS:  Achara Chavanakunakorn




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Thai Foot Reflexology is based upon ancient Chinese foot massage that has been used for more than 3000 years. It is believed that certain points along the foot correspond to different organs and systems throughout the body. 


Thai Foot Reflexology Massage is an integral part of Traditional Thai Medicine that has developed in Thailand over the last 2000 years.


Through this technique we begin to stimulate these areas improving overall functioning of the internal organs, circulation of the blood and lymph as well as strengthening of the nervous and endocrine systems.


Techniques using the hands, thumbs and knuckles will be learned as well as proper use of the wooden reflexology stick for stimulating areas of the foot corresponding to organs in the body. 





PLEASE NOTE: For U.K. accreditation purposes, we may only issue a certificate in 'Thai Foot Reflexology' to existing professional Reflexologists.


Should you not hold a professional Diploma in Reflexology, we will only be able to issue a certificate in 'Thai Foot Massage'.

Both F.H.T. and CTha have requested that we change the course name to Thai Foot Massage. Please contact us should this not be clear.


This is a professional workshop and a popular choice for therapists, reflexologists and complete beginners. 


This course is for all levels of learners, however, an accreditation will only be granted to professional therapists holding a valid beauty/massage Diploma.


This hands-on program is an excellent technique to add on to your massage/body work professional career. 


This technique can be performed as a stand alone treatment, but equally some of the techniques can be integrated into your existing foot and leg routine, as well as into a reflexology treatment.


A comprehensive manual covering the course content will be provided. The Thai stick & chart used during the course will be yours to keep.


The emphasis on this course is practical, the aim being to ensure that all trainees feel confident to add this new skill to their repertoire of therapies and are able to professionally offer the treatment to clients.






  • Morning: The History & Development of Thai Foot Massage

Guidelines on Contraindications / Precautions / Benefits and Contra-actions

Reading and interpretation of the feet and reflexes

One Hour Thai Foot Massage Sequence:

The opening sequence - Warming up techniques 

Using the Stick - Stimulating and massaging the reflex points

Thai Foot Massage Routine, covering 23 points on the sole of the foot, using the wooden Thai stick

Working the Sen lines of the legs - Encouraging the flow of energy

The closing sequence - Awakening the feet and legs


  •  Afternoon practice: Full Practice under professional supervision

Revising sequence and practicing

Assessment - giving and receiving a full 1 hour treatment

Included in the course is:

A manual with step by step instructions and photos

Shen Mantra bespoke chart of the feet, depicting all the reflex zones

A traditional wooden Thai foot massage stick





COST: £150

TRAINER:  Francesca Canzano-Franklin / Achara Chsvasnakunakorn

LOCATION: North London



Thai Foot Reflexology Course

Thai Foot Reflexology Course