Shen Mantra Trainer

 Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatzu, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing



Juanita, based in Namibia, where she runs her own private practice, has always had a love and inner passion for healing through the form of touch. 


I practice different forms of therapies raging from Thai Yoga Massage,  Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, Crystal Healing etc Thai Yoga Massage is an amazing discipline that I have now been practing for a few years; the versatility of the thai massage techniques have totally changed my massage game. It’s such a fluid yet impactful form of massage.


I have been spiritual since I could remember and I knew I had the gift of healing from when I was very young. It ranged from healing through dance, through song, through words, through breathe, through my beingness, through tending to the flowers and trees and especially through touching another human body. I also knew the connection between emotional and spiritual upsets and physically ailments.


Juanita teaches Thai Yoga Massage in Namibia and South Africa.