This Advanced Diploma Course follows on from the Thai Yoga Massage Diploma Course and is suitable for therapists and practitioners that have completed a Level 2 Diploma Course in Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage or an equivalent basic Thai Massage Course.


This Advanced Course covers not only advanced stretches and techniques, but also an in-depth view into Thai Medicine, The Four Elements, acupressure points, and the Thai energy lines. 


What flows in the Sen? The traditional term is Lom or “Wind”. However, Lom is more than the elemental force one of the “Thaat Thang Sii” is literally wind, breath and vitality. It is the essence of vitality and life force. This essence or force is known in all cultures by different names such as Taoist Qi, Chi, Ki, Huna (Mana), Elan Vital, Ka, Orgonne, Shakti, Holy Spirit, African Ashe.


Traditional Thai medicine, often abbreviated as TTM, has many different aspects. Thai medicine takes into account everything from the taste of the herbs that are used to the four primary elements. The four elements (earth, fire, wind and water) must be perfectly balanced in order for the body to remain balanced. Each of the four elements controls certain areas or organs of the body. This is known as the Four Element Theory.


The Four Element Theory is seen in many cultures, including China, India and the Mayans, but it is the true heart of ancient Thai medicine. It is this belief that many practitioners use when helping to heal the body.


Earth - The element of Earth controls many of the organs and main parts of the body, such as: brain, rectum, hair, nails, stomach, liver, bone and bone marrow, heart, kidneys, lungs, intestine, spleen, tendons and ligaments, skin, teeth and muscles. All things controlled by the Earth element can be touched.


Fire - The element of fire controls heat in the body. This heat improves circulation, assists with digestion, generates warmth beside the lungs and increases the metabolism.


Wind - The element of wind controls the wind and movement of the body, such as respiration.


Water - The element of water controls the fluids of the body. For example: joint lubrication, blood, tears and saliva.

Sen Lines + Thai Medicine

MODULE 1: During this module we will cover the theory of the Four Elements and Traditional Thai Medicine, as well as the Sen Lines in detailed, including comparisons with the Nadis and the Chinese Medicine Meridians, specific points for different ailments and a how to incorporate the Sen Lines into a powerful Thai Yoga Massage. Thai acupressure points are an important part of Traditional Thai Massage.  

Course content and outline:


The Thai energy Lines are one of the most fundamental concepts in both Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage. Almost all poses (Asanas) of Yoga and  Thai Yoga Massage techniques are based on either opening the blockages on the Sen Lines (Nadis) or the application of a stretch or a contraction technique. 


Sen Lines theory 

Understand and apply treatments with sen lines

 Deep pressure techniques combined with energetic work

Advanced Yoga Thai Stretches

 MODULE 2: Advanced Yoga Stretches and Postures.


These advanced techniques and stretches are designed to support your progression and invite you to get deeper into the art of Thai Yoga Massage.

Acupressure Points + Theory

 MODULE 3: Thai Acupressure combines the energetic and physical aspects that make Thai Massage such a unique therapy.  In this module you will learn specific pressure points along the Sen Lines to treat various conditions. You will learn how to treat acute and chronic complaints. Knowledge of the Sen Lines is a prerequisite. The core of this course is practice.


Major complaints: headache; migraine; neck pain; back & lower back pain; pain in the knee; heavy feeling in the arm and legs; shoulder pain and frozen shoulder; arthritis and more.



Advanced Thai Yoga Massage Course, LONDON UK



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Balance payment: Due 10 days before commencement of course


 North London 




 For a total of 6 days + online material






Francesca Canzano-Franklin + Achara Chavanakunakorn

 Shen Mantra Founder & International Senior Trainer





ABOUT THE TEACHER: Francesca Canzano-Franklin has been studying, researching, practicing and teaching Thai Massage for 20 years. She has immersed herself into eastern therapies after having lived in Thailand for over 10 years. She has a professional background in Chinese Medicine and Oriental Studies, various forms of bodywork and massages such as Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue and Trigger Points techniques, Ayurveda Massage, in-depth studies of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, and is continuing furthering her studies.  


ABOUT THE TEACHER:  Achara is a Western Medicine Herbalist and Senior Teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She grew up in Thailand with a deep interest in holistic practices and therapies. She believes that the human body has the ability to self heal if we let that process occur and support the body with natural methods.  Modern lifestyles have a big impact on our health especially stress, these can be managed with the right treatments, exercise, lifestyle and diet. Her family runs an established traditional Thai Massage School in Thailand, and she assists with lecturing. 






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