Shen Mantra Trainer

  Yoga Teacher, Thai Yoga Massage Trainer

Prabha Raja Yoga Shala

Cape Town, South Africa

Aidan Walsh is a professional yoga teacher and massage therapist. He has been teaching Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga since 2009 when he completed his teacher training with Africa Yoga. In 2011 he completed the foundation course in Intuitive massage through InSpirit Therapies, followed up with Thai Yoga Massage through Shen Mantra in 2014 and the Advanced DORN Method of spinal alignment through DORN Method South Africa in 2015.


Aidan left formal employment in 2009 to pursue his passion for Yoga which began at the age of 13. He currently owns and runs his own studio in Milnerton, Cape Town called Prabha Raja Yoga Shala. Prabha Raja is an epithet of the Medicine Buddha. Aidan chose the name based on the personal affinity he discovered for the Medicine Buddha as the embodiment of the healing arts, while living at the Nan Hua Buddhist temple for two years in 2003/2004. Having had aspirations to become a Buddhist monk, he abandoned the idea in 2005 as he felt his talents would be wasted in the confines and seclusion of a monastery.


As the perfect complement to his Yoga practice and teaching, Aidan also has a dedicated massage space at his home on the Cape West Coast. It is a sacred space he has created (also dedicated to the Medicine Buddha) where clients are welcomed and able to leave their worries, burdens and pretenses at the door.


Aidan treats every client as though they were the only other person in the world and gives everything he has during treatments. For this reason, advanced booking is always necessary as he strictly limits the number of clients he sees in a week, ensuring he has the strength and stamina to offer a truly therapeutic and healing experience every time.