INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED: 

                                                                      International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)


This dynamic and creative course has been designed to stimulate and broaden the understanding and application of Deep Tissue techniques, combining body assessment, trigger points therapy, Thai Yoga Massage passive stretches as well as how to get to the root cause of imbalance and pain. 


The principles of Deep Tissue Massage are taught, together with a wide variety of strokes to build confidence and enhance a greater sensitivity of touch.


This course teaches therapists how to effectively and safely apply deeper strokes incorporating our unique blend of deep tissue techniques, trigger points, Thai Massage passive stretches and the eastern principle of using your own body weight.


Therapists will be able to demonstrate massage manipulations of effleurage, compression, friction, vibration etc. on the appropriate tissues of the body.


Learn to tailor-make your massage and take your skills to the next level! We offer highly professional, practical, hands on and down to earth teaching methods.


Deep Tissue Massage aims to address long term muscular issues, break down adhesive build up, reduce postural dysfunction and pain. Through expanding the Therapist tool kit, they will be better equipped to make a significant difference to their clientele, helping to build a sound reputation and solid client base.  


Therapists will learn how to fully exploit the various angles of approach to deal with clients muscular problems, setting them apart from the rest of the field by utilizing side lying and 3/4 leg positions to access areas all to often left unaddressed, yet so important in the maintaining and reaching peak performance and function.


Various strategies will be discussed to help understand why a client continues to present with the same symptoms, despite previous treatments. How to formulate a plan and how to get to the root cause of imbalance and pain.


How to lengthen and shorten muscles

Muscle Injury

Trigger Points of the back and gluteal region

Stretch receptors

Palpatory Techniques

Passive Movements

Positional Release

Use of forearms, elbows and knees

Passive movements & assisted stretches ( Thai Style)

Benefits/ Contra-indications/Contra-actions of deep tissue massage

Hands-Free Techniques

Aftercare advice

General Health, Safety & Hygiene Guidelines

Postural Assessment (Only available for the Two Days Course)

Neuro-Muscular techniques (Only available for the Two Days Course)







ENTRY LEVEL: Pre-requisite Anatomy & Physiology, and Full Body Massage (ITEC, VTCT, BTEC, CIDESCO and CIBTAC or a similar qualification).


In order to secure your place, short courses MUST BE PAID IN FULL before the course starts. 

Should you wish to enroll on this course, at least 3 months in advanced, a deposit of £50.00 (non-refundable) is required to secure your place, as numbers are limited. The balance is payable at least a week prior to training commencing. 

Minimum age for enrollment is 18.





1 DAY TRAINING: Designed for those already using deep tissue techniques and/or skilled therapists that either need a refresher or wish to add more advanced fusion techniques such as passive stretches or side work.


2 DAYS TRAINING: For newly qualified therapists or less experienced therapists.


Deep Tissue Massage Course London


LOCATION: North London, U.K.

COST:  £185 for one day and £300 for two days.

 TIME-TABLE: 10.00 - 5.00

TRAINER: Achara Chavanakunakorn, Senior Shen Mantra Trainer



Internationally Accredited Deep Tissue Massage Course.

Deep Tissue Course





Our hands are not designed to apply the deep pressure usually required in massage therapy. The thumb, hand & wrist are some of the most frequently injured structures by massage therapists.


The most requested type of massage in our industry is deep tissue massage and the biggest complaint from clients is that therapists did not work deep enough or that the deep work was uncomfortable, not relaxing, not smooth and not effective... 


By using our Fusion Deep Tissue Techniques,  correct table heights and techniques, therapists are able to apply deeper pressure techniques without injuring themselves.


OUR REVIEWS: ( Via Shen Mantra Facebook Page)


Sasha – I did the two day deep tissue fusion course in October which was excellent. Francesca & Shai are both wonderful teachers and the instruction was also tailored around the groups knowledge so no matter your experience you will learn. Couldn't recommend it more, will definitely be back for another. 


Chris – I just did the deep tissue course with them. In those 2 days I've learned so much. It was a pleasure to be taught by Francesca and Shai, two passionate people about what they do, and so enthusiastic to pass their knowledge to you. I recommend them,and I'm definitely going to come back soon. Thank you guys


Alexandra –  Completed the Shen Mantra Deep Tissue Fusion course last weekend. Fantastic teachers (Francesca and Shai) with so much knowledge and passion to share. Cannot recommend this course highly enough! One of the few training providers that adheres to highest industry standards without losing their soul or swagger. Get booked in! 


Paula  – Francesca has a wealth of experience & knowledge that she imparts with great passion and charisma. I recommend her deep tissue/trigger point workshops for anyone looking to enhance or refresh their skill set.


Alisa – Francesca, Thank you for the excellent course last weekend in Deep Tissue. Feels like I could have had a whole month straight with you and it still wouldn't have been enough. I'd love to keep in contact and hopefully get a chance to learn more from you in the future. I really like your honesty and teaching style.


Andrea –  I have recently done the 2 days Deep Tissue Fusion course with Shen Mantra. It was one of the best short courses I have ever done! Full of information and support! And a small class! 


Julieann  – Fantastic tuition - amazing experience. I learnt so much on the deep tissue course. Highly recommended!