Sat Nam


A quick update to let you all know that we are doing a lot of updating, downloading of articles, news, training syllabus and merging of the 2 websites; the Emporium online shop will now be merged with the main Shen Mantra website.


Please bare with us for a little longer :) and should you have any queries, do not hesitate to drop us a line contactme@shenmantra.com




South Africa -

Thai Yoga Massage Diploma Training will be soon confirmed! Training will take place in Cape Town around September.


UK -

We have a new Trainer, Zoe, that will run the 'Herbal Compress Training' on behalf of Shen Mantra. Please enquire or keep an eye to the website!


Italia -

FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE (FITTM), fondata nel 2009 da alcuni operatori del Thai Massage che operano in Italia e all’estero, è un’associazione senza fini di lucro che ha come finalità quella di voler riunire, in uno spirito di collegialità e di mutua collaborazione, tutti gli operatori, i professionisti, gli esperti, gli insegnanti e gli istruttori del Traditional Thai Massage.



I am currently in Italy, will be in the UK in August and shall return to Cape Town mid August. I am always available via email.


Have a great w-end!