The Yoga Swing

Using a soft trapeze made from parachute fabric, the yoga swing combines basic yoga postures with the miracles of gravity. The result is a practice that encourages proper alignment by strengthening shoulder and core abdominal muscles; at the same time increasing shoulder and spinal flexibility.


Like partner yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, or any other type of assist, the hammock-like yoga swing defies gravity and allows one to do aerial maneuvers without strain.


This is a great way to relieve compression of the spine. Challenging traditional yoga postures, inversions and deep backbends can be achieved without effort!


Now in Hout Bay, Cape Town, with the amazing Henny at the beautiful AVIRODHA Studio                                                                                        


We at Shen Mantra LOVE IT! A great combination for Thai Yoga Massage Training! Check out the class timetable and come and see us in the new year!           


Namaste x

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