Thai Yoga Massage for Pilates & Yoga Instructors

Yoga and Pilates have taken the world by storm growing tremendously over the last 10-20 years.  Everyone knows what yoga or pilates is and how it can help.  Yeah, sure there is probably someone out there on earth that doesn't know what yoga or pilates is but they are “few and far” between.

There is one consistent message I hear from practically all Instructors that continues to ring in my ear.  I understand it’s very difficult to create a living at just teaching yoga or pilates classes.  I do not know first hand but I hear from Instructors it is very challenging for them to teach what they love and still provide for themselves and their families.

Luckily, I've been able to help a multitude of Yoga/Pilates Instructors continue to do the work they love while also expanding their practice.

Gaining additional skills in Thai Massage for a Yoga/Pilates Instructor can be the lifeblood that allows you to continue the work you love.  Learning Thai massage can help you help people improve their health, improve your classes with knowledge to benefit students and immediately create a secondary income through offering therapeutic Thai massage sessions.

Adding Thai massage to your skills and experience can allow you to grow and continue the career you love.

If you’d like to take your skills to the next level to enhance your life as a Yoga or Pilates Instructor, take a look at our training program and start on a successful new path. You will even receive continuing education credits for classes taken with us.

I look forward to sharing the gift of Thai massage and Thai traditions with you, and remember:

We Teach Thai The Thai Way!
Our upcoming training is running from the 2nd to 10th of November. Hurry, as limited availability!
Francesca x

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