Training Standards

Dear students,


It has come to our attention that there are people who are charging for and advertising Thai massages without completing their training and receiving certification. Please note that we do absolutely not endorse this & that it is your ethical obligation to tell anyone you work with if you are not fully certified.

South African students- 
The regulations in South Africa are becoming increasingly more strict and we are working our best to get thai massage recognised and accredited in South Africa. Once this happens the regulations surrounding the modality will be even more meticulous (which will uphold the integrity of the practice and practitioners - insuring a safe and effective working environment) and there will be consequences for those practicing without accredation.

As an internationally recognised school it is our duty to uphold these standards and we expect the same from our trainees and practitioners.

We are currently in the process of developing an online directory so that people can find accredited practitioners in the area- once you have qualified you will be added to the directory.

Please note that we will not be affiliated with unaccredited practitioners.

We value your cooperation and respect for the wonderful art of Thai Massage!

The Shen Mantra Team