We publish our own articles as well as from guest writers.


Well-Being is more than just good health; well-being describes a state of wellness of body, mind & soul, where all are in a state of health. Well-Being is not available by prescription, there is no direct root or single path and many different roads can be taken to arrive there.


All paths to well-being, be the traditional or non mainstream viewpoints or modalities are seen at the well-being spot as having valid reasons for existence. Through our articles about different well-being modalities and personal journeys to health, we hope to offer you a way to explore for yourself a way forward on your own journey to well-being.


We publish articles written by us and well-being professionals as well as personal accounts from no professionals and welcome submission of both types of articles.  Some of our readers are looking for expert information, others are looking to find someone else walking a similar path of wellness, or un-wellness.


Happy reading :)