Advanced  Thai Yoga Massage Course



This Advanced Diploma Course follows on from the Thai Yoga Massage Diploma Course and is suitable for therapists and practitioners that have completed a Level 2 Diploma Course in Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage or an equivalent basic Thai Massage Course.


This Advanced Course covers advanced stretches, acupressure points, and an in-depth knowledge of the Thai energy lines. The Advanced Courses are broken down into modules. A Diploma is only obtained if all the modules are completed and the examination passed.


What flows in the Sen? The traditional term is Lom or “Wind”. However, Lom is more than the elemental force one of the “Thaat Thang Sii” is literally wind, breath and vitality. It is the essence of vitality and life force. This essence or force is known in all cultures by different names such as Taoist Qi, Chi, Ki, Huna (Mana), Elan Vital, Ka, Orgonne, Shakti, Holy Spirit, African Ashe.

Sen Lines

MODULE 1: During this module we will cover the Sen Lines in detailed, including comparisons with the Nadis and the Chinese Medicine Meridians, specific points for different aliments and a how to incorporate the Sen Lines into a powerful Thai Yoga Massage. Thai acupressure points are an important part of Traditional Thai Massage.  

Course content and outline:
The Thai energy Lines are one of the most fundamental concepts in both Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage. Almost all poses (Asanas) of Yoga and  Thai Yoga Massage techniques are based on either opening the blockages on the Sen Lines (Nadis) or the application of a stretch or a contraction technique
  • Sen Lines theory 
  • Understand and apply treatments with sen lines
  •  Deep pressure techniques combined with energetic work

Advanced Stretches


MODULE 2: Advanced Yoga Stretches and Postures. These advanced techniques and stretches are designed to support your progression and invite you to get deeper into the art of Thai Yoga Massage.

Therapeutic Acupressure Points

MODULE 3: Thai Acupressure combines the energetic and physical aspects that make Thai Massage such a unique therapy.  In this module you will learn specific pressure points along the Sen Lines to treat various conditions. You will learn how to treat acute and chronic complaints. Knowledge of the Sen Lines is a prerequisite. The core of this course is practice.


Major complaints: headache; migraine; neck pain; back & lower back pain; pain in the knee; heavy feeling in the arm and legs; shoulder pain and frozen shoulder; arthritis and more.



Advanced Thai Yoga Massage Course, LONDON UK



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Balance payment: Due 10 days before commencement of course



Muswell Hill, London 


::  NOVEMBER  ::

 For a total of 4 days




 PART 1: 7th & 8th of NOVEMBER 

PART 2: 14th & 15th of NOVEMBER



Francesca Canzano-Franklin








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