Private Teaching / Refresher Sessions


You can choose from a variety of options depending on whether you are an existing Shen Mantra student or not.


Thai Yoga Massage Course refresher: We offer a two or four-hour teaching refresher sessions (other options are always available on request).  Some students opt to bring in an existing client as a model; some find other students who also want to learn Thai Massage with whom to split the cost.


How many sessions does it take? The answer varies widely based on how committed you are as a student to practicing. Our preference is to work in four-hour sessions once or twice a week, giving you a chance to absorb, integrate and practice the techniques. 


Other Therapies:  Get in touch for prices. 


Former Shen Mantra's students will benefit from a 10% discount at any time.




PRIVATE TRAINING: Please email us your requirements and we will work out a bespoke training package.


Kindly note that our training services are only open to professional therapists only.