Thai Herbal Compress Massage Course

Shen Mantra Herbal Compress Massage
Shen Mantra Herbal Compress Massage

In traditional Thai Medicine, herbs are used to complement massages that treat illnesses. The herbal compress treatment, also known as     "Luk Pra Kob", is believed to calm nerves and redirect the energy, that is vital to good health. The original Thai Herbal heat compress is known since the Thai-Burmese battles of the Ayutthaya period (over 200 years ago). Herbal heated compresses give a modern twist on a traditional heat treatment that soothes and removes muscle tension.
Using patting and pounding techniques, the treatment exfoliates, softens and moisturizes, purifies and detoxifies, relaxes and breaks down muscle tensions. Up to 20 different herbs make up these wonderful compresses renowned for their effects such as invigorating, relaxing, purifying and relief of aches and pains. They soften, moisturize and nourish the skin whilst providing a blissfully warm but deep and relaxing treatment.


Herbal Compresses provide the same type of stimulation as Acupressure, and are used to stimulate tender or sensitive areas that cannot be massaged directly; for example, the back may be too painful for direct Acupressure, but Herbal Compresses on the same points will provide similar benefits. Ground fresh and dried herbs are wrapped into a muslin cloth, and then steamed to release.


Traditional Thai Herbal Compress Massage is a unique treatment that combines herbal therapy and heat therapy in a unique massage treatment.



Course Content 

This is a two days course where you will learn: 

  • The traditional use of herbs in Thai Medicine from the amazing Achara Chavanakunakorn, a native Thai western herbalist
  • Principles of Traditional Thai herbal medicine
  • Specific properties and therapeutic applications of herbs used
  • The traditional herbs and spices used in the compresses
  • The effect, cautions, benefits and contraindications of specific herbs in massage
  • How to make your own compresses
  • How to use the herbal compresses as well as  the required equipment to perform the treatment 
  • Thai herbal compress Massage sequence

The training is facilitated in a professional, yet relaxed and enjoyable environment so that you have the opportunity to experience this traditional first hand how wonderful and relaxing the treatment is.


Course Dates:



  • COURSE DATES: -------
  • COURSE FEE: £ 240 (U.K.)
 Herbal tuition from our professional Thai herbalist; Herbs; Materials; and course manual are part of the course cost.
  • TRAINER: Achara Chavanakunakorn.                                                                                                                                                                        Bsc Herbal Medicine, Traditional Thai Medicine, Thai Traditional and Holistic Massage.                                                                                            A Herbalist and Thai Massage practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • LOCATION: ------
  • TIME: 9.30-4.30
  • COURSE REQUIREMENT FOR CERTIFICATION: Anatomy & Physiology, and Full Body Massage (ITEC, VTCT, BTEC, CIDESCO, CIBTAC or a similar qualification).

INTERNATIONAL TRAINING: Please contact us for other training location.


Herbal Compress Course (Body)


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