Training Standards

Dear students,


It has come to our attention that there are people who are charging for and advertising Thai massages without completing their training and receiving certification. Please note that we do absolutely not endorse this & that it is your ethical obligation to tell anyone you work with if you are not fully certified.

South African students- 
The regulations in South Africa are becoming increasingly more strict and we are working our best to get thai massage recognised and accredited in South Africa. Once this happens the regulations surrounding the modality will be even more meticulous (which will uphold the integrity of the practice and practitioners - insuring a safe and effective working environment) and there will be consequences for those practicing without accredation.

As an internationally recognised school it is our duty to uphold these standards and we expect the same from our trainees and practitioners.

We are currently in the process of developing an online directory so that people can find accredited practitioners in the area- once you have qualified you will be added to the directory.

Please note that we will not be affiliated with unaccredited practitioners.

We value your cooperation and respect for the wonderful art of Thai Massage!

The Shen Mantra Team

Data Protection

The deadline for EU nations to implement the GDPR regulations is the 25th of May 


At Shen Mantra we don't share or sell your data with anyone else and we try to keep to an absolute minimum to what we send to our students.


As part of our compliance with GDPR we are using both legitimate interest and consent as a basis to communicate with you; We will only send you information that we believe is relevant to you or that you have requested from us. You can also ask us to do a wide variety of things regarding the personally identifiable data we hold on you, they are:


1. You can update, change or remove your consent to different communications

2. You can request copies of the data we hold on you

3. You can ask us to stop processing your data

4. You can request that we delete data that is no longer relevant

5. You can ask us to fix data that is incorrect


We don't do any automated decision making based on your data or use your data for targeted advertising, we try to keep what we do as clear and simple as possible so that you know what happens with your data and we can focus on giving you the best service.



If you have any questions regarding your data please email our coordinator via 


You can withdraw your permission to receive our emails at any time by using the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of every email you receive from us.


Our full updated data protection regulation is available here.

Kung Hey Fat Choi - Year Of The Dog

Kung Hey Fat Choi! The Yang Earth Dog year!


2018 is a Yang Earth Year, also referred to as a Yellow Dog year; yellow being the color associated with the Earth element. The character of each year is steeped in Chinese theory and tradition.


ABOUT EARTH; After two Fire years, an Earth year may feel calm by contrast. Earth years can be warm, which is consistent with warmer weather trends scientists have documented. The Earth element is also associated with Dampness and Humidity; we may see increased humidity in areas and seasons where it does not usually occur, particularly in summer. But Earth is also powerfully grounding during times of stress and turmoil. So attending to your backyard, garden or balcony plants will help you connect with the stability of Earth. Spend time in inviting outdoor spaces or botanical gardens. Earth energy also represents gathering, mature energy that is sensible, realistic and grounded in Truth.


WHAT THE EARTH ELEMENT MEANS FOR HEALTH: Earth refers to the digestive organs: Spleen, Stomach, Pancreas and the lymphatic system. So digestion and eating are in the spotlight, for better or worse. The function of the digestive organs is to transform food into Qi and Blood, and transport it throughout the body for health and vitality. When digestion cannot complete that task, either because of overeating or eating inappropriate foods, then the residue of food lingers and becomes Damp. And when Damp languishes, it becomes the more intractable Phlegm. Phlegm is created in digestion, and then is said to be stored in the Lungs, where it can manifest as congestion or sinus problems.


ORGANS OF DIGESTION: Although it is generally considered a good year for health, watch out for a range of potential digestive disturbances. This can include overeating or eating the wrong kinds of food for your particular digestion. Do you know what foods contribute to dampness? Here’s a start: ice cream (especially at night), dairy, sugar and sugary foods, eating cold breakfasts, having an icy cold smoothie for breakfast, and eating cold salads with thick or heavy dressing (a heavy rotation of salads are counter-productive, particularly in the winter). But if you love your salads, then at least let them sit at room temp for 30 minutes or so before eating. Add cooked veggies to your salad greens to make it easier on your digestion (the veggies don’t need to be warm in your salad, just having been cooked changes their nature).


DAMPNESS & PHLEGM: One of the weather issues is the possibility of increased humidity. As without, so within. Inside the body, humidity manifests as Dampness or Phlegm. This might be experienced as chest congestion, a phlegmy cough or sinus issues. Weight gain is often described as excess dampness, another reason to be vigilant about exercise and healthy food choices and habits. If you have been wondering about your blood sugar regulation or endocrine health, ask about it when you next visit your doctor.


EATING WELL: When we make healthy food choices and create healthy food habits, we nourish life. Eating is one of two ways we stay alive (the other is by breathing), so paying attention to your digestive health is important! Learning about or refining your eating habits will help create vitality and help you enjoy life more. Root veggies are associated with Earth (yams, sweet potatoes) so incorporate them into your menus year-round.


CONSIDER YOUR “PACK”: Dogs form packs, and this points to more “be with” time with family and friends. Community experiences will become more important, and new friendships may be discovered as a result.


EARTH EMOTIONS: Contemplation is one of the psycho-emotional aspects of Earth. At it’s best, it results in meditation, consideration, and approaching issues logically, thoughtfully. So yeah, keep meditating!


Many thanks to Diane Gallin and Lillian Pearl Bridges’s insights and outlook for the 2018 Yang Earth Dog year.



We are updating our website

Good Morning!


Please note that we are in the process of updating our website, therefore some pages might not be available for a few days. 


Do not hesitate to get in touch! We are always just an email away!

Unsung Hero Video

Inspirational Thai Ad Video Makes You Believe In The Power Of Doing Good

If you believe nice guys finish last, have a look at this brilliant ad from Thai Life Insurance that proves, on the contrary, that they win every time. Titled “Unsung Hero” this heartwarming clip has skyrocketed to the top of the viral video charts with over 6 million YouTube views, 800,000 Facebook shares and 22,000 tweets in just one week.

Here’s to the people who do what’s right!

Not for the recognition, and not because they believe it will enrich them financially, but because they know life is better when you pay it forward. 

In the three-minute segment, an unnamed protagonist takes a small amount of time each day to help those around him. A neglected plant gets a little extra water, a woman gets a helping hand, and a needy child gets some money.

“What does he get in return for doing this every day?” a narrator asks. He then answers, jarringly: “He gets nothing. He won’t be richer. Won’t appear on TV. Still anonymous. And not a bit more famous.”

“What he does receive are emotions,” the narrator continues. “He witnesses happiness. Reaches a deeper understanding. Feels the love. Receives what money can’t buy. A world made more beautiful.”

The spot then asks, “And in your life? What is it that you desire most?” It concludes with the tagline: “Believe in Good.”

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New Course! Deep Tissue Fusion

We are very excited to announce that Shen Mantra is now  running a Deep Tissue Fusion workshop in London ( Soon in South Africa!) incorporating our unique blend of Deep Tissue techniques, Trigger Points and Thai Massage stretches.



This dynamic 2 day course has been designed drawing upon hundreds of hours of 'hands on' experience to stimulate the students creativity with tried and practiced techniques, concepts and first hand experience to broaden the understanding and application of Deep Tissue techniques. 



Get in touch! We would love to hear fro  you :)



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Happy Birthday Shen Mantra!

Today Shen Mantra celebrates it's 8th Birthday!


From London to Cape Town to Chiang Mai...Thank you to everyone that has shared our journey and our passion for oriental therapies. And a heartily thank you to my wonderful team.


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” - Buddha





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Prana Lodge Spa
Prana Lodge Spa
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Good Morning London! Are you up for some professional training?

Calling all massage & beauty therapists, yoga & pilates practitioners, phisyos, dancers & anyone who wants to further their skills with this amazing technique, 'save their hands' from RSI risks and learn this beautiful traditional art!


It starts with a prayer....and ends with a back bend!


Get in touch! RESERVATION NOW OPEN. We are for you and we L.O.V.E questions!


NOTE: We also run Courses in Cape Town & Durban, South Africa.



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Thai Yoga Massage for Pilates & Yoga Instructors

Yoga and Pilates have taken the world by storm growing tremendously over the last 10-20 years.  Everyone knows what yoga or pilates is and how it can help.  Yeah, sure there is probably someone out there on earth that doesn't know what yoga or pilates is but they are “few and far” between.

There is one consistent message I hear from practically all Instructors that continues to ring in my ear.  I understand it’s very difficult to create a living at just teaching yoga or pilates classes.  I do not know first hand but I hear from Instructors it is very challenging for them to teach what they love and still provide for themselves and their families.

Luckily, I've been able to help a multitude of Yoga/Pilates Instructors continue to do the work they love while also expanding their practice.

Gaining additional skills in Thai Massage for a Yoga/Pilates Instructor can be the lifeblood that allows you to continue the work you love.  Learning Thai massage can help you help people improve their health, improve your classes with knowledge to benefit students and immediately create a secondary income through offering therapeutic Thai massage sessions.

Adding Thai massage to your skills and experience can allow you to grow and continue the career you love.

If you’d like to take your skills to the next level to enhance your life as a Yoga or Pilates Instructor, take a look at our training program and start on a successful new path. You will even receive continuing education credits for classes taken with us.

I look forward to sharing the gift of Thai massage and Thai traditions with you, and remember:

We Teach Thai The Thai Way!
Our upcoming training is running from the 2nd to 10th of November. Hurry, as limited availability!
Francesca x
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Thai Yoga Massage Diploma - Practitioner Level

Good Evening Cape Town! We are back after 2 warm months in Europe and happily back at work.


Our September Thai Yoga Massage training is getting booked up fast so hurry, as we only have a few places left so don't be shy, get in touch :)


We also would like to announce that we are now proud members of Wellness Pages Africa , and that all of our students, once qualified, will receive free listings under the professional thai massage section! An other little bonus that we are happy to offer through our training program.



Thai Yoga Massage Training, Cape Town Diploma Level

Good afternoon Cape Town!


Hope you are enjoying this divine sunshine :)


Our next dates are set, 26th of May to 3rd of June, and we are receiving a lot of inquiries!! So hurry, contact us, and book your place soon in order to avoid disappointment as places are getting booked fast :)


After the May training we are off to Europe and will be teaching in London and possibly Italy so there will be a little bit of a gap till training will resume here in South Africa.


Any questions, we are just an email away and are always happy to help and to offer advice


Happy w-end XF


Thai Yoga Massage Training, Cape Town

Good Morning Cape Town! We are back after 2 weeks in cold Europe, so please excuse us if we haven't been updating the website or if we haven't been repling to emails as quick as we would have wished!


We are currently in the process of booking new training dates, possibly from the 21st to the 29th of April with the  exam date at a later stage. Interested? Want to find out more? Then email us for more infos and get in contact asap as as always we only offer limited availability in order to offer the highest of teaching standards.


We are soon uploading a new training gallery from our last two Cape Town training and many more interesting articles and related infos, so stay tunes!


Happy w-end - Sat Nam :)


New Training dates: Thai Yoga Massage, Cape Town

Good Morning Cape Town and a very Happy New Yaer to you all from us all at Shen Mantra!


New training dates have just been booked at the beautiful Avirodha Studio:


15th to 21th February

Exam Date: Yet TBC


Contact us with any queries, we are always happy to help or advice!



Happy & Healthy New Year - 2012

Only a few days left, and a new beautiful year will shine upon us.


It's been a tough year for many; the never ending recession is still biting hard combined with all sorts of natural disasters and tragedies....


At 'Shen Mantra' we have tried our hardest to keep a smile on throughout the hardest times and have worked harder then ever :)


As promised, we are lowering our prices without compromising the highest of ingredients in our products, as well as the highest standards of teaching.


Our new range, 'Philosophia Botanica' will launch end of January here in Cape Town and in later June in the UK. We are currently busy designing the ' Signature Treatment' that will accompain the range.


And our 'Thai Spa' Emporium section will soon be fully stocked! Our sincere apologies if some of the items have been out of stock for a said it's been a hard year, and with the floods in the Thailand we had to put everything on hold for a while.


We are currently updating our Training calendar - we ll be teaching in the UK, Italy, South Africa & Thailand, so watch this space, and feel free to contact us for any possible queries....we love questions!!


Francesca & everyone at Shen Mantra wish you all a wonderful and healthy New Year


The Yoga Swing

Using a soft trapeze made from parachute fabric, the yoga swing combines basic yoga postures with the miracles of gravity. The result is a practice that encourages proper alignment by strengthening shoulder and core abdominal muscles; at the same time increasing shoulder and spinal flexibility.


Like partner yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, or any other type of assist, the hammock-like yoga swing defies gravity and allows one to do aerial maneuvers without strain.


This is a great way to relieve compression of the spine. Challenging traditional yoga postures, inversions and deep backbends can be achieved without effort!


Now in Hout Bay, Cape Town, with the amazing Henny at the beautiful AVIRODHA Studio                                                                                        


We at Shen Mantra LOVE IT! A great combination for Thai Yoga Massage Training! Check out the class timetable and come and see us in the new year!           


Namaste x


Cape Town training updates

Our recent - Thai Yoga Massage Training - in Cape Town at the beautiful Avirodha Studio in Hout Bay, was a success!


Well-done to all the trainees...we had fun, sore muscles, discussed the comparison between the massage techniques and the yoga stretches, practiced variations of techniques, discussed more in depth certain stretches, and all surrounded by beautiful nature - Thanks again Henny for your beautiful studio!


And now, due to popularity we are in the process of booking upcoming dates! Dates will be uploaded shortly, so contact us asap, we might take your requests in consideration!!


We are also in the process of booking training for the herbal compress body & face, and ... UK dates too!


We have been so busy in these past weeks, that we haven't had the time to send our monthly newsletter - bear with us, you will receive it soon, and if you haven't signed up, do so... a lot will be happening in the new year :)


Namaste x



Thai Yoga Massage Training, Cape Town

Our training week at the beautiful and blissful Avirodha studio in Hout Bay, Cape Town,  was amazing! The trainees have taken real well to the thai techniques and the oh so amazing passive yoga stretching! And there s more to come :) and we ll soon upload some pics too...


For the ones of you that could not make it this time, due to high demand, we are working on the next dates, possibly end of contact us as only limited places per training course!


Sat Nam Cape Town


Thai Yoga Massage Course - Cape Town: Few places left!

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We Teach Thai the Thai Way :)

Thai Yoga Massage Training - Cape Town
Thai Yoga Massage Training - Cape Town

Good Morning Cape Town!


Traditional, accredited and professional Thai Yoga Massage training soon taking place here in Cape Town. We have a few places left, so don't be shy, and

Check out our training page for dates, infos and all related to the upcoming training


Thai Yoga Massage Training ~ Cape Town

Sat Nam Cape Town!


We have finally put some dates down for the upcoming training here in Cape Town which will take place  in Hout Bay:


19th to 24th of November 2011 ( x6 days)

 5th to the 8th of December 2011 (x4 days)


Get in touch!


Francesca x


Thai Yoga Massage Training - Cape Town

Good Morning Cape Town :)


We would like to apologiase to all the students here in South Africa that have recently been contacting us with regards to the Thai Yoga Massage upcoming Training. These past couple of weeks have been very busy with sorting out professional accreditation for our training, as we only want to offer you the best....and it seems like things are finally moving on, and we ll soon upload more infos!


Remember Thai massage is not just a form of massage, not just passive Yoga, but an ancient healing art that has strong roots in Buddhism too...


Contact us for more infos' or general questions, we ll be happy to help!


Have a happy Sunday


Sat Nam


UK Herbal Compresses

We are now fully stocked again, on both herbal facial and body compresses....and

in lieu of the fact that the UK is still in a recession and pressure on our industry is increasing daily, we have decided to lower our prices until things get better!


Please also note that unlike other suppliers we will NOT compromise the high standard quality of our medicinal herbs, and we can garantee you that no fillers, powders or else will ever be added to our compresses.


We do what we can to help :)




Federazione Italiana Traditional Thai Massage

Subject: federazione italiana traditional thai massage
Sawat Dee Krap,

Come immagino sappiate tutti Voi, in questo momento, lo stato italiano, non riconosce il Thai Massage, quale professione, alla pari di molte altre disclipline olistiche, anche se in questi ultimi mesi ci sono state delle novità.

Credo, quindi che sia importante per Voi e per Noi che leggiate queste poche righe!

Mi chiamo Mario Milli e al momento ricopro il ruolo di presidente della F.I.T.T.M., Federazione Italiana Traditional Thai Massage (, nata nel 2009 con il fine di cercare, così come si è già fatto per altre professioni olistiche, una per tutte lo Shiatzu, di mettere insieme tutti gli operatori, i professionisti, italiani e tailandesi, le scuole e tutti i centri di Thai Massage che operano su tutto il territorio nazionale e quelli italiani che operano eventualmente all'estero, in modo da riuscire a creare una presenza visibile e organizzata di questa disciplina anche in Italia, così come già esiste in molti altri stati.

Il 12 e 13 maggio scorso la F.I.T.T.M. è stata presentata ufficialmente alle rappresentanze dell’Ambasciata Reale di Tailandia e allo stesso Ambasciatore Dott. Somsakdi Suryawongse che hanno espresso vivo interesse per questa iniziativa e che vogliono appoggiare e spingere. I termini di questo incontro non li conosciamo ancora nel dettaglio, anche se a quell’incontro è già seguito un secondo incontro a Roma il 16 giugno presso gli uffici del D.E.P. con il Ministro Consigliere Commerciale Tailandese in Italia Mrs. Suchana Chucherd, per approfondire la nostra situazione. In questa occasione lo stesso Ministro ha rimarcato il bisogno di sfatare i luoghi comuni che aleggiano intorno al Thai Massage. A tal proposito lo stesso Ministro si impegnerà a far recapitare presso il dipartimento dell’istruzione privata del Governo Tailandese a Bangkok tutta la documentazione relativa alla nostra Associazione, col fine di far si che lo stesso appoggi tale iniziativa.

la FITTM è stata invitata al "THAILAND HEALTH AND BEAUTY SHOW 2011", a Bangkok (30 ott. - 3 nov.), negli stessi giorni dovremmo incontrare i funzionari del ministero thai del istruzione privata per meglio definire questo supporto e riconoscimento. Lo stesso Ministro Consigliere del D.E.P. si impegna col supporto del governo Tailandese e dell’Ambasciata di Tailandia a Roma, di provare, per quanto possibile, a sensibilizzare i nostri stessi governanti, mentre a noi ha chiesto di continuare a crescere, come associazione, anche numericamente.

Difficilmente si può pensare che un Dipartimento del Governo Tailandese si prenda a cuore e porti avanti l’interesse di pochi.

In ogni caso tutto ciò è di estrema rilevanza, dal momento che, per la prima volta un rappresentante di un governo straniero, nello specifico tailandese, manifesta pubblicamente l’interesse di appoggiare una medicina non convenzionale e non riconosciuta in Italia.

Rimanendo in Italia, pochi sapranno che nell'Ottobre 2010 il C.O.L.A.P., Coordinamento Libere Associazioni Professionali (, l'associazione che da anni cerca di tutelare e far riconoscere tutte le professioni, non solo olistiche, e quindi i professionisti non riconosciuti ma che esistono e lavorano sul nostro territorio, ha sottoscritto un'intesa volontaria con le organizzazioni sindacali di Cgil, Cisl, Uil e le Associazioni dei Consumatori Adoc, Adiconsum e Federconsumatori per la costituzione di un Comitato di indirizzo e sorveglianza che verifichi, vigili, implementi e certifichi il sistema e le procedure delle associazioni professionali per il rilascio degli attestati di competenza.

E ancora a Marzo 2011 si sono fatti altri passi in questo senso, come potete verificare voi stessi dai links di seguito riportati:

In questo protocollo, e negli elenchi dello stesso Colap, che prevede oltre 100.000 iscritti,e più di 40 associazioni di categorie per le sole medicine alternative, come e' facile immaginare non e' prevista la figura professionale dell’operatore Thai Massage per il semplice fatto che fino ad ora il Thai Massage è sempre rimasto nell’anonimato senza costituirsi associazione a livello nazionale a differenza di altre discipline quali lo Shiatzu il Reiki che tra l’altro si sono adoperati al fine di far certificare UNI EN ISO 9001 i loro percorsi formativi, garantendo standard di qualità elevati a favore dei propri utenti (studenti operatori e riceventi).

"Questa azione non mira a costituire riserve ed esclusive professionali, bensì a dare la possibilità di svolgere una professione basata sulla qualità: proprio per questo emerge la novita' delle norme UNI, che garantiscono – se supportate da un efficiente e severo sistema di accreditamento e certificazione – la qualificazione del professionista e la tutela del cittadino/cliente”. (Luigi Berlingeri - Mondo Professionisti)

Credo sia palese a tutti quanto indietro e fuori gioco, si trovi il Thai Massage e che sia giunto il momento di cercare di ricuperare il tempo perso, mettendoci insieme per ufficializzare la nostra presenza su tutto il territorio quali professionisti con tutte le carte in regola per metterci al passo con gli altri.

Non dobbiamo neppure sottovalutare che se mai sarà una legge preposta a regolamentare questo settore, con molta probabilità come già è accaduto per altre professioni, non sarà più così facile operare se non si rientrerà nelle linee previste. Ed a tal proposito che la F.I.T.T.M. ha già presentato, a suo tempo, domanda per entrare a far parte del Co.l.a.p. che con l’ultimo consiglio direttivo del 15 di giugno è stata accetta. In questo modo ora anche la F.I.T.T.M fa parte delle Associazioni iscritte al C.o.l.a.p. in modo da non rimanere completamente fuori da questa e da altre future opportunità, e soprattutto affinchè anche il Thai Massage venga inserito negli elenchi delle professioni non riconosciute e da tutelare su tutto il nostro territorio.

Ed è qui che anche tutti Voi dovete entrare in gioco perché undici persone quale credibiltà potranno avere se non diverranno molte di piu'?

Concludo sottolineando che

- La F.I.T.T.M. non ha nessun interesse privato perchè non è di nessuno ma al tempo stesso è di tutti noi soci, ed è nazionale;
- Se rimarremo tanti singoli anonimi anche in un prossimo futuro rimarremo tanti singoli anonimi, che di fronte a una sperabile legiferazione nel settore, tutti i nostri percorsi formativi verranno azzerati dovendo quindi ri-partire da zero. Occorre che i nostri percorsi formativi vengano tenuti in considerazione e, che soprattutto lo sia la nostra professione.
- Se ognuno di noi aspetterà che siano altri a far numero la F.I.T.T.M. non riuscirà a crescere, e difficilmente verremo presi in considerazione.
- Credo che il governo tailandese ci stia dando una grossa opportunità che noi tutti non dovremmo sprecare, così da averne tutti noi benefici, diversamente ancora una volta tutti ne rimarremo tagliati fuori, e sarà sempre più difficile cercare di entrare in gioco.

I controlli e gli accertamenti da parte delle forze dell'ordine, sono sempre più all'ordine del giorno, così come anche in Italia il Thai Massage è sempre più accostato al mondo della prostituzione che di certo non qualifica nessuno di noi.

Lo spirito della F.I.T.T.M., è quello di cercare di dare maggiori garanzie sia agli operatori che all'utenza stessa, riuscendo ad ottenere le certificazioni UNI EN ISO 9001.

Pertanto, spero che comprendiate l’importanza di iscriverVi alla F.I.T.T.M senza alcuna eccezione perché nessuno potrà farlo per Voi.
Far parte della F.I.T.T.M. non è un obbligo ma deve essere l’opportunità per tutti noi di provare a fare qualcosa di veramente significativo per il TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE e quindi per noi.

Essere in F.I.T.T.M. è credere in quello che facciamo e mi auguro che Voi tutti ci crediate.

Non essere in F.I.T.T.M. ci renderà un pò più piccoli e sarà un dispiacere per chi invece ci sarà.

La F.I.T.T.M. Vi aspetta.


il Presidente e i soci fondatori F.I.T.T.M
Mario Milli, Pasquale Augello, Francesca Tarenzi, Matteo Simonetti, Francesca Canzano, Chirawan Karuna, Daniela Diamanti, Daniele Ottonello, Anna Terminello, Phraiwan Phonjan e Giorgio Seminara.

Piazza del Popolo 3/1
17100 Savona

c.f. 92090450096

mob. +39 347 456 29 29

Herbal Compress Massage Training in Bath

Our lovely new Trainer, Zoe, is en route to the beautiful 'Bath House' Holistic Health Centre, in Corby, for the Herbal Compress Massage Training for Diane and her Therapists.


Check out our Training page for more info's and our Emporium shop for Shen Mantra's Thai Herbal Compresses.


And don't forget to have a look at the 'Bath House' website and their gorgeous treatments! Their Hydrotherapy Seaweed Treatments sound just divine!


Have a great w-end :)





Sat Nam


A quick update to let you all know that we are doing a lot of updating, downloading of articles, news, training syllabus and merging of the 2 websites; the Emporium online shop will now be merged with the main Shen Mantra website.


Please bare with us for a little longer :) and should you have any queries, do not hesitate to drop us a line




South Africa -

Thai Yoga Massage Diploma Training will be soon confirmed! Training will take place in Cape Town around September.


UK -

We have a new Trainer, Zoe, that will run the 'Herbal Compress Training' on behalf of Shen Mantra. Please enquire or keep an eye to the website!


Italia -

FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE (FITTM), fondata nel 2009 da alcuni operatori del Thai Massage che operano in Italia e all’estero, è un’associazione senza fini di lucro che ha come finalità quella di voler riunire, in uno spirito di collegialità e di mutua collaborazione, tutti gli operatori, i professionisti, gli esperti, gli insegnanti e gli istruttori del Traditional Thai Massage.


I am currently in Italy, will be in the UK in August and shall return to Cape Town mid August. I am always available via email.


Have a great w-end!



Thai Yoga Massage Diploma Training

Sat Nam South Africa!

Are you ready for professional training in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage & related workshops ( Thai Foot Reflexology, Thai on Table, Thai Herbal Compress, Advanced Thai, Sen Therapy....).

We will be running the Thai Yoga Massage Diploma here in Cape Town soon!

We have just set up a website that will lead you directly to our main Shen Mantra site, where you ll be able to read more in detail about the upcoming training, Master Trainer, etc...

Have a look, and get in touch!  

Francesca x



Welcome to our store



And welcome to our new online Emporium....


We are still working on the shop, still uploading products & info's...but will be all ready and set up soon!


In the meantime, should you have any queries regarding our products, Training or Retreats, do not hesitate to drop us a line :)


Have a great day from us all at Shen Mantra x